Career as an IT UNIX and Linux Administrator

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September 13, 2012 by Farzad Minoo Damania

A UNIX / Linux administrator is responsible for the design, deployment, installation, configuration and maintenance of UNIX and Linux based server systems and software. The administrator also works on server upgrade, end-user management and systems programming.
UNIX/Linux Admin’s Motto:
  •  Configure
  •  Monitor
  •  Troubleshoot
A Day in a UNIX/Linux Administrator’s Life:
  •  Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware & UNIX/Linux OS problems
  •  Replace defective components, hardware & devices when necessary
  •  Design, configure, and test computer hardware & operating system software
  •  Identify tasks which should be automated & then write automation scripts
  •  Monitor server & network performance to determine bottlenecks and issues
  •  Work with database and network administrators for operations support
  •  Plan and configure server, database and application migrations
  •  Perform automated backups of files and databases
  •  Manage access to different devices, drives and systems on a network
  •  Work in data center for installation/configuration of new servers
Skills Required:
  •  Analytical thinking and problem solving ability
  •  Strong skills of UNIX shell scripting
  •  Independent problem solving, self-directed and self-starting
  •  Willingness to work long hours during server maintenance
  •  Strong troubleshooting skills
  •  Good oral and written communication skills
  •  Ability to explain complicated technologies in layman terms
  •  Ability to keep updated with latest OS versions
  •  Ability to work in a team environment
Career Map:

Note: Students who pursue Diploma & Certificate courses in UNIX / Linux Admin without B.E. / BCA / B.Sc.(IT) also can work in this field. However professional degrees mentioned above will be recommended for better job prospects.
Job Titles:
  •  UNIX Administrator
  •  Linux Administrator
  •  Systems Administrator
  •  Operating Systems Analyst
  •  Systems Analyst
  •  Systems Architect
  •  RedHat / Suse Linux Administrator
  •  Solaris / AIX / HP-UX Administrator
  •  UNIX Shell Scripting Developer
  •  IT Systems Engineer
  • Growth Chart
  • Other Related Careers
  •  Network Administrator
  •  Windows Systems Administrator
  •  Backup Administrator
  •  SAN Storage Administrator
  •  Computer Engineer
  •  Virtualization Administrator
  •  Database Administrator
  •  Computer Programmer
  •  Computer Hardware Technician
  •  Systems Architect
  •  IT Helpdesk Support
  •  IT Security Specialist
Growth Chart:
LINUX Certifications:
  • RedHat Certifications
    • RHCSA : Red Hat Certified System Administrator
    • RHCE : Red Hat Certified Engineer
    • RHCVA : Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator
    • RHCSS : Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
    • RHCDS : Red Hat Certified Data Centre Specialist
    • RHCA : Red Hat Certified Architect          
  •  CompTIA Certifications
    • CompTIA Linux+
    • CompTIA A+
    • CompTIA Server+
  • LPI Certifications
    • LPIC – 1 : Junior Level Linux Certification
    • LPIC – 2 : Advanced Level Linux Certification
    • LPIC – 3 : Senior Level Linux Certification
  • SUSE / Novell Linux Certifications
    • CLA : Certified Linux Administrator
    • CLDA : Certified Linux Desktop Administrator
    • NCA : Novell Certified Administrator
    • NCE : Novell Certified Engineer
    • NCLE:  Novell Certified Linux Engineer
    • NCLP : Novell Certified Linux Professional
UNIX Certifications:
  • Oracle Solaris Certifications
    • OCA: Oracle Certified Associate – Oracle Solaris System Administrator
    • OCP: Oracle Certified Professional – Oracle Solaris System Administrator
    • OCE (Network): Oracle Certified Expert – Oracle Solaris Network Administrator
    • OCE (Security): Oracle Certified Expert – Oracle Solaris Security Administrator
    • Oracle Linux Administrator Certified Associate
    • Oracle Linux Certified Implementation Specialist
    • Oracle Certified Professional – Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administrator
  • IBM Certifications
    • IBM CSA: IBM Certified System Administrator
    • IBM CASA: IBM Certified Advanced System Administrator
    • IBM CSE: IBM Certified Systems Expert
  • HP Certifications
    • HP CSA – HP-UX Certified Systems Administrator
    • HP CSE (High Availability): HP-UX Certified Systems  Expert for High Availability
    • HP CSE (Networking and Security): HP-UX  Certified Systems  Expert  for Networking and Security
    • HP CSE (Virtualization):  HP-UX  Certified Systems  Expert  for Virtualization
Note: Certifications in the fields of Networking, Operating Systems, Security, Hardware, Storage, Virtualization are also pursued along with UNIX / Linux Admin Certifications.
Salary Expectation:
  • Diploma Holders: Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 per month
  • Engineers : Rs. 20,000  to Rs. 30,000 per month
  • Certifications are essential for better remuneration
Best Wishes,
Farzad Damania
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