Passing Board Exams (10th or 12th) Privately – Good or Bad?

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August 23, 2012 by Farzad Minoo Damania

Many times we come across advertisements in the form of pamphlets, hordings, TV and radio Ads, assuring people to help them pass their SSC/CBSE/HSC privately. However are these claims true? If yes then is giving 10th or 12thboard exams privately advisable?

Let us take two cases:-
Case 1: Students who have passed their 10th or 11th and want to give 12th privately without attending regular school or college.
  • If a student has passed 10th, and for some reason was not able to pursue studies, the student can give 12th directly anytime. (Note: for giving 12th through correspondence there should be atleast 1 yr gap between passing the 10th & appearing for the 12thexams)
  • The student can approach a private agency or directly a college for registration as a private candidate for HSC or equivalent 12th board. Just make sure the private agency involved registers you as a private candidate from a recognized & affiliated college. The mark sheet which a student will obtain is same as a regular student would get, also the student must take a Leaving certificate (LC) of that particular college under which s/he appeared the HSC board. After this the student can apply in for any of the degree colleges.
Case 2: Students who have failed 10thand want to give their 12th or for those who have failed their 10th or 12th and want to reappear but privately.
  • If a student has failed 10th it is important for him/her to re-appear for the examinations clear the 10th & then pursue further. Under no circumstances will a student be able to clear 12th if s/he has not cleared his/her 10th.
  • Students getting admission in 11th on 10th ATKT:10th failed student can fill the admission form for 11th regular junior college, if s/he has failed in 1 or 2 subjects. This admission depends on the college, its cut off & the availability of seats. The student will have clear the 10th exam before being allowed to appear for HSC.
In conclusion it can be said that giving 10th or 12th privately involves no potential risk if given through recognized and affiliated school/colleges. However regular college is always advisable as it not only gives a student social exposure but also prepares him/her for vigorous, scheduled & structured learning, which helps them to pursue further degree courses.
Shehnaz Cyclewala
EduGroomers Career Counselling

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