Residential Schools – Need or Luxury?


June 25, 2012 by Farzad Minoo Damania

Residential schools are becoming a new trend in society. Their numbers are increasing every day, which make us think if it is a need of general society or for people who live in luxury? In India , many people can barely afford cost of basic education, I wonder how these residential schools charge high fees, as much as few lakhs of rupees.
We can say that residential schools are modern and more glamorous ‘avatar’ of boarding schools.
If we think why residential schools are coming up; we can point out to the fact that land is becoming costlier in cities, so schools are compelled to move to distant areas. As a result, for such schools, residential facility becomes compulsory.
 Parenting is becoming difficult day by day due to growing costs. Nuclear families are becoming a common sight. Nowadays where both parents are busy in their respective careers to keep up with their lifestyle and expenses. These parents feel guilty for not giving enough time to their child and to negate that guilt they want to give the best of everything to their child – even the schools. As society is developing their expectations from children are also increasing. Children are becoming smarter, faster and inquisitive. Nowadays, special schools are available for toddlers.  Children are under stress from a very young age. Many times, children succumb under this pressure. Today’s child spends maximum time in school and classes, remaining time on TV, computer (facebook, orkut) and also Mobiles (iphone, blackberry), with very little to no time for  hobbies, sports, extra curriculum activities. Residential schools seem to be an answer for this. In residential school a child’s day is planed in such a way that he/she can give quality time to study, sports and extracurricular activities. Children also participate in social activities.
In residential school children understand responsibility well. They start respecting others view, lifestyle and thoughts. They understand integrity of interpersonal relationship and become independent. These schools help to shape child’s personality in all dimensions. As long as residential schools actually provide a warm amiable and growth oriented environment to students and provide/ maintain one to one contact with students and teachers, student can be greatly benefited. However today many mediocre schools have crowded this arena and are providing a low quality service which raises alarms.
However, there is always a chance that children get detached from parents emotionally. Children can also develop some harmful behavior traits with wrong peers. Most importantly these schools are not for everyone’s pocket and can be a pressure point for parents who are working hard to meet their ends.
After weighing pros and cons, it can be concluded that residential school is good option for those who can afford it, but for sure is not an absolute need.

Dr. Shreya Udare
Career Counsellor


One thought on “Residential Schools – Need or Luxury?

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